50 Trees for SIA Shimbwe Primary School


Even though we work a lot with project funds, we are very dependent on donations, because without a certain amount of equity, no further funds can be applied for. In our blog you can follow which projects we have already carried out. With your support we would like to continue to carry out environmental training, take away the fear of bees from the local people, provide alternative income and of course plant many native trees on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Things to know about bees
Cosmetics made from bee products
Discussion about marketing and sales with "Mwanzo Mgumu".
50 Trees for Mapendo Women Group

But we would also like to continue to support the idea of the Himo Tree Nursery. The tree nursery is a joint project of the state capital Kiel and the Moshi District Council, we are dependent on donations to ensure good tree nursery work in the long term.
With the help of donations we can ensure the continued existence of the tree nursery, thus counteracting climate change and giving local people a perspective for work.
One hot meal daily

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Since we are a small association and have no administrative costs, 100% of the donations go to Tanzania.
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